Mission Bay Loop

Today we took another bike ride to help get the little man get used to the bike trailer. We took a pretty decent ride a couple weeks ago, which went really quite well. This was in sharp contrast to the first time we took him out, where it was clear to anyone within a half mile, that this kid was not happy.


Today's ride was a 12.5 mile trip around Mission Bay. We stopped once to let him play at one of the several play areas, and a little later on to get some frozen yogurt and treats. He did great on the ride, just looked around and talked a little bit (in that language that I haven't yet deciphered). His only bit of fussing was when we put him back in the trailer after frozen yogurt, but it was short-lived and he was good for the rest of the journey home.



It was another encouraging bike ride, and riding a loop around the bay has been something I've been wanting to do for quite some time. This was of course paved and easy riding all the way around, but the real goal is to get out on some dirt roads and do some bikepacking, hopefully at some point leading up to some multi-day adventures. I think some more time travelling the smooth paved paths on more urban explorations and beginning to work in some time on dirt roads with a little less mileage should help make that goal possible -- once it cools down (it's still pretty hot where the good dirt roads are).



A good day -- looking forward to working up to some bigger stuff!




Our route (red path):

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