Mt. Laguna Bike Ride

We got off to a bit of a slow start today, so we only did a six mile bike ride, but it was nearly perfect for those six miles!  It was a lightly travelled back-road on Mt. Laguna with a good surface, and it had some good climbing involved -- not so much that I couldn't ride it, but enough so it was a slow climb where I just had to focus and crank away, ignoring those legs which gave a bit of a protest.  Hauling a trailer with a kid in it really provides a good workout!  The road really was exactly what I was looking for, I just wish it was a bit longer.


Jeannie riding up the slight incline with some beautiful fall colors.  She makes it look pretty easy -- of course she's not hauling the trailer carrying her favorite child.


Working my way up a pretty decent hill...of course I still had enough energy to snap a selfie.



The road we rode out. Nice parking area at the beginning (with a bathroom and picnic table) and even a store. We weren't originally planning on doing this road, but we needed to pick up the forest pass at the store, so we decided to just ride from there.

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