My Budgetting App Mockup

By Forrest Smith -

For the past year or so, we have been using a simple little budgetting app that I made to track our spending throughout the month.  I decided to start making it a little prettier:

Basically, you give the app a monthly spending goal.  It works best if this is just the non-recurring expenditures — money you have to spend on groceries, gas, and fun.  So after all of our recurring expenses, say we have $1400 per month to spend on everything else.  If there are 30 days in the month, then that means you have roughly $46 per day to spend.  This app figures out that daily amount, how much you currently have spent, and tells you if you are on track or not to meet your monthly goal.

The goal is to have the background of the page be the indicator of if you are on track or not.  If you are, I imagine it’s a lovely green shade, and if you’re behind, it gets redder.