Serving Websites to Other Computers on a Local Network with XAMPP

I have been using XAMPP to test PHP websites on my local computer for years, but since adding another computer to my small office, I have encountered the need to set up my computer as a server to host the pages that could then be viewed from other computers on my network. Turns out, it\’s incredibly easy, you just need to know your IP address on your local network (not necessarily the same IP address that you can view by many websites).

*Note, this already assumes that you have set up XAMPP on your computer, and you know how to view your pages. This also assumes a windows computer. To access your websites from other computers:

1. Go to the \’Start\’ menu, click on \’Run\’
2. Type \’cmd\’, click enter
3. Type \’ipconfig\’, hit enter
4. Get your IP address from the listing (ie.
5. To view your pages, just remove the \’http://localhost/\’ from your testsite\’s URL, and replace it with your ip address;