Teardrop Trailers

By Forrest Smith - Drempd.com

I’ve been fairly obssessed with teardrop trailers currently. While I would love to live the full-on nomad lifestyle in a Sprinter van or something similar, it’s just not really feasible at the moment. A teardrop however could be. They are far less expensive, but still offer many of the advantages of a nomading van — mainly that we don’t have to set up or tear down a tent, and much of our packing is already done — we just have to grab some clothes and food, hook up the trailer, and be on our way.

I also really like the idea that this is something we can have for a very long time, as opposed to a van which will probably die at some point. It seems as though the long-term value of a teardrop is probably quite high in comparison.

Teardrop Trailer Companies

I really like a more classic look — a nice smooth arching profile, larger at the front and tapering towards the rear. Many “teardrop” trailers out there (or at least companies that bill themselves as teardrops), aren’t really all that “teardroppy”. The following companies offer teardrops in the classic style and I also like the materials and finish they use on their teardrops.

Timberleaf Trailers

I really like the style and quality of Timberleaf Trailers, they kind of seem like the epitome of the teardrop world. I like the minimal, but stylish design, and it seems like there is a lot of attention to detail with their work. The only hangup with Timberleaf is that they currently have pretty long wait times.


Vistabule has grown on me a little, and perhaps may be the one I eventually go with. I really like that the sleeping area can be converted to a sitting area…actually for me, it looks like it would make a great office for me during the day. I also like the large window in the front and they have some great colors.

Oregon Trail’R

The shape of the FronTear model offered by Oregon Trail’R are pretty ideal, at least for those of us going for the classic teardrop shape. They offer other shapes as well, and overall, it looks like they offer some pretty solid trailers.

So-Cal Teardrops

There are some very nice teardrops here — nicely shaped and all metal.


Silver Tears Campers

There are some nicely done options here — the Silver Cub has a great shape and is pretty large. I’ve slowly drifted away from the stainless look, in favor of some with nice colors, but these are still really nice. The woodworking looks to be well done — I’m more into a more modern feel than what I see in the interior pictures, but for some these would probably be a good option.   I don’t see pricing listed on their website.

Nicely Shaped Teardrops

These companies offer nicely shaped teardrops, but they don’t really have the finishes I’m looking for. They’re mainly more of a fiberglass, plastic, or metal look on the exterior, and less of a modernist styling throughout, which is ok if that’s what you’re looking for. For those who are looking for small, towable trailers, the following may provide good options:

Bean Trailer

They have some nicely shaped and well-done teardrops. I tend to prefer the wood interiors and either metal or fun colors on the exterior that other companies offer, but I don’t really doubt that these aren’t great teardrops.


Nicely shaped, rugged teardrops. Not really the style I’m going for, but these things seem pretty cool — they look almost indestructable.

Big Woody Teardrops

Nicely shaped, wood finish. One interesting thing here is that, along with prebuilt and kits, they have unfinished ones built versions, so the galley and sleepingarea can be configured however ou want.

Rustic Trail Teardrop Campers

Rustic Trail Teardrop campers actually offer quite a few cute options. They’re a little larger (at least they feel that way) than some of the other options I’ve looked at. My only real complaint is that they feel a little “fiberglassy”, which is fine, just not exactly what I’m looking forl


Other Cool Ones

Aerolux Trailers

This one is very cool, but I would need an equally cool vintage car to pull it.


Different than what I was originally considering, but they’re growing on me, and may even be my leading option at the moment. I like the overall concept and some of the features, but some of the design decisions seem just a touch off. Thinking on this one more….

Boxy Teardrop Trailer Companies

I personally prefer the smooth, classic teardrop shape, but there are nice options out there who don’t care about that. These all seem like good, quality products that feature the more rectangular or boxy shape:



Really like the looks of these, but sadly not available in the US:


Building a Teardrop Trailer

Ok, I admit it, it has crossed my mind to just build myself a teardrop. My problem is that I like things from one teardrop, something else about another one, and some fairly big features that many just don’t have. My wife is currently talking me out of this, but a few helpful resources:
Parts from SoCal Teardrops

Custom windows for RVs…
RV Windows

Other Things

Teardrop Tailer Forum

More Other Things

I really shouldn’t be looking up custom fiberglass services, but just in case: