Three Days in November

Three-and-a-half days of sleeping in our car, hiking and exploring by day, and relaxing or working on personal projects at night…

Marion Mountain Trail

Two weeks seems to be my limit. If my feet haven’t moved me through a landscape, or if I haven’t ridden a bike through the hills, I begin to…

Dripping Springs Loop

There were definitely times where I muttered to myself that I would never do this trail again. It wasn’t the elevation gain, but the lower reaches were quite crowded, and the top portion was extremely brushy, for a couple miles. Not only were you plowing through brush, in some places your were hunched over, nearly […]

Tenaja Canyon Trail

It can be hard to see in these times of stupidity, just how lucky we are. Trump just led the charge to reduce the size of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument — a place that has been protected for the past 21 years, the majority of my life. National parks and monuments, I had assumed were […]

Slow Down

Since the returning from New Years, a nice, blissfully slow day of relaxation, I’ve been working like crazy. Not only have I had quite a bit of work, but I’ve also been working quickly on things. Last weekend, I worked straight through the weekend like they were just normal workdays and I’ve had several 10-12 […]

The Best Sections of the Pacific Crest Trail

This past Wednesday was the official 10-year anniversary of the finish of my thru-hike of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) It’s honestly something that I still think of on a daily basis and is truly one of the top highlights of my life. Shortly after the finishing the trail, I started to write down what […]

Chain Lakes in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness

The Chain Lakes have always been on my radar. I always assumed that I would approach from Leavenworth and Icicle Creek, but I realized that I could easily get there from Stevens Pass as well. The first couple miles of the route from Stevens Pass is through a ski area and crosses under powerlines, so […]

Too Much Good Stuff

“If you’re exhausted and happy, you’re doing something right.” — me It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I’ve been bouncing through the various emotions of euphoria, contained frenzied excitement, and sheer exhaustion. I flew up to Seattle on Thursday and met with an incredible team to work with on an upcoming project — […]

South Ridge San Jacinto

Being a parent who loves to get out on outdoor adventures can be challenging.  While we’ve successfully taken our little one on numerous hikes and backpacking trips (like this one on the Jennie Lake Loop, and this one to Blue Lake), it’s often times difficult to hit that point of physical exertion where you’re exhausted and […]

A February Backpack

Being from the northwest, a backpacking trip in February is a bit of a novelty. It can be done, but it takes quite a bit of luck for things to line up correctly, at least for a trip that isn’t a complete sufferfest. It’s been a little hard to pick up the habit of winter […]