I guess I'm a Southern Californian now.   A day-and-a-half of rain and I'm completely ready for the sun again.
I always feel like I should read more...but I'm often times disappointed and left feeling like I should have done something else with my time.   Like creating something new. I think I'm probably better at creating things, as opposed to consuming them. There is just something about making something that has never existed before. To reassemble parts of the universe into meaningful things. It's almost like you're defying the ways of the universe -- the march towards disorder and chaos disrupted, at least for a time by creating something.

Gulp Minify Javascript

This will put a copy of the minified js file in the same folder in which it was found. It will require the following: useref, gulpif gulp.task(‘jsminify’, function() {   return gulp.src([     “!node_modules/**/*.js”,     “**/wp-content/themes/**/*.js”,     “!**/**.min.js”   ], { base: “./” })   .pipe(useref())   .pipe(gulpIf(‘*.js’, uglify()))   .pipe(rename({suffix: ‘.min’}))   .pipe(gulp.dest(‘./’)); });

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WordPress Order Posts by a Meta Value

$args = array(    ‘post_type’ => ‘sessions’,    ‘post_status’ => ‘publish’,    ‘posts_per_page’ => -1,    ‘orderby’ => ‘meta_value’,    ‘meta_key’ => ‘session_date’,    ‘order’ => ‘ASC’ );

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Alternatives to Coffee

I feel like coffee isn’t a terrible thing to consume, but as with anything, consuming too much of anything probably isn’t good. I have a growing bad habit of just always needing to be drinking something while I work, so here are a few things I’m looking into to help provide myself with a few […]

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I really want to hit a coffee shop in a snowy location somewhere.

Vertical Align Text in Affinity Publisher

You can change the vertical alignment of text in Affinity Publisher — I spent a little too long looking for the right thing in the Paragraph and Character panels. What you want, is the ‘Text Frame’ panel (from the menu, go to View > Studio > Text Frame). From there, click on he ‘Vertical Position’ […]

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Foundational Principles

1. To level the playing field as much as possible. To strive towards providing a society where everyone has as much of an equal shot of improving their life as possible.   (For example, those who have dieseases that require them to pay monthly medications. As much as possible, society should cover the costs of that so […]

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Thursdays. I keep thinking about Thursdays. And weekends. Thursdays and weekends.    I’ve been curious about blurring the lines between the weekend and the weekdays, but I haven’t been able to really pull anything off. I don’t know if I will this time either, but I keep thinking that Thursdays would be a good day to […]

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wordpress caption tag is appearing in text

I hit an odd issue where the wordpress caption tag text (actually the shortcode text for the caption) was appearing around the image. I’m gathering the data from a wysiwyg field from ACF.   Apparently you need to apply shortcodes to this. Also, my text didn’t have line breaks, so doing something like this solved those issues: […]

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