I need to find more things that slow down time. For me, hiking and biking seems to have this affect. I think high-engagement activities that require a lot of my attention do the opposite -- things like watching tv, most of my side-projects that involve my brain power. I tend to think that anything on a computer tends to speed up time for some reason.   I suspect activities like reading or drawing (on paper) probably slow things down a little.   For the past couple of nights, I've spent time reading short stories, and the past couple nights have felt like they were quite a bit longer than nights have been feeling lately.   It is nice to spend time in this fashion, my only issue is that I'm not technically producing anything in that time. For many, this is fine, and I certainly shouldn't be trying to produce all the time, but perhaps there is a balance I can hit between these productionless activities and those things that I enjoy and want to do, but also which seem to make time flow a bit faster.
I think often about why I prefer outdoor activities, like hiking, backpacking, and biking, over other hobbies and activities. Whenever I'm doing other things that I theoretically like to do, I often times still feel as though I'm wasting my life (this is especially true of hobbies that require me to be on the computer). I think part of the reason is that those outdoor activities give me time to slow down and just experience the passing of time, and to be aware of it. In reality, they're actually pretty boring activities (in a good way) -- perhaps the moving my legs to propel me forward just makes it acceptable to do nothing except randomly think about things and watch the passing scenery. All of my other hobbies and activities take a lot more of my attention and concentrated thought, which basically pulls me out of the moment and my mind isn't free to wander -- this basically makes time go faster, and I'm not truly in the moment.
https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/149550/garbanzo-bean-chocolate-cake-gluten-free/ I've been thinking on making some sort of a peanut butter cake type thing that I drizzle chocolate over. Perhaps Garbanzo beans are the way to do it.

A Solo Weekend

It’s been a while since I’ve had a couple of days to try and wear myself out.   A few weeks ago, I gave my wife the weekend off.   She stayed at a friend’s house for the weekend while they were off travelling.   This weekend, it was my turn to spend a weekend however I wanted. I made it […]

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Never Be 100% Certain.
I think I need to create a bit of an adventure hit list of small adventures close to me that I want to pull off. I've been in a bit of a rut doing the same things -- I need to find a few more to throw into the mix, and more importantly, find some things closer. It would be fantastic to take off a bit early on a weekday and spend a couple hours riding out some dirt or gravel.

Why Does Blender Keep Crashing on Render

I’m sure there are a multitude of reasons why Blender crashes. For me, my render settings were set on Evee (I generally render it in Cycles, but for a couple of new files I had forgotten to change this). I fiddled around with various settings in the preferences pane, but just changing that over to […]

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What is the Bit of Text Above a Title Called?

I often times place a little bit of text above headings, but I’ve never actually known what they are called. I’ve always just used the word “pretitle” whenever I refer to them, but today I decided to actually look up the real name for this element — they’re called “straplines”.

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Link: https://bucktrack.com
Reality does not care how you feel about it. Date: 10/3/2022 Tags: music Patrick Watson - Luscious Life