Success on Horsethief Road

After quite a few failed attempts, we finally found a great road to ride our bikes out towing our 15 month-old in his own private chariot.  It’s got a great surface — not too bumpy for the little guy, has no traffic, thanks to the gate at the top, and while there are some good hills, they are the good kind that sorta kick your butt, but still totally ridable and pretty fun. 

Horsethief Road, which forms the western edge of the Pine Creek Wilderness is better than I was expecting.  It drops from the large trailhead to the valley bottom, and then climbs back up the other side pretty gradually.  We only took it out three miles — next time we’ll take this further — it looks like the road continues for quite a ways.

It feels great to finally find a place to ride that was exactly what I was looking for.  Now, I just have to find some more!

The road near the beginning. Quite a perfect road surface for pulling a 15-month-old

Pine Creek Wilderness

Looking into Pine Creek Wilderness

Yup — a pretty perfect road for a ride

Refueling — being pulled up hills is hard work.