What to Expect When Working With Me

By Forrest Smith - Drempd.com

I strive to make the process of getting your new website up and running as easy and stress-free as possible. Over my 20+ year history of designing and building things for the web, I’ve honed my strategies for ensuring that my clients are always in the loop.


When working on a website, I provide regular updates on progress, any expected delays or issues. My over-arching philosophy is to always make sure that a client should never feel like they need to check in on my progress since I’m always keeping them in the loop. I aim to always contact my clients before they feel like they need to contact me.


Each website contract states the fixed fee price, along with detailed list of elements that I’ll be designing and building that are covered by that fee. As new website clients become long-term clients with additional work and tasks needing to be done, I aim to keep costs on-track and ensure my clients don’t endure unexpected costs. I’m always happy to quote projects before beginning, and all of my clients have access to my log of time spent on their projects, which is updated daily.

Well-Built Websites

There is a wide range of quality out there in the web design world. With some websites it can be pretty easy to see low-quality, at least in terms of design, an even larger number websites can look acceptable, but be built poorly, which can have negative impacts on search engine rankings, higher maintenance costs, and security. I build websites that are coded to minimize load times, priortize the best strategies for search engine optimization, and ensure that future maintenance and updates are built upon a solid foundation.

Well-Designed, Unique Websites

Every website I create is completely custom. I don’t use templates in my design process, ensuring that each website is meticulously tailored to help you achieve your specific objectives. The pages are thoughtfully designed to seamlessly guide visitors towards the next steps, whether ordering a product or service, or contacting you for additional information.

I make launching your website stress-free. My frequent and clear communication ensures you’re always in the loop, and I provide transparent billing. I create well-built, custom websites optimized for speed, SEO, and security, and design websites that are not only beautiful and engaging, but also guide visitors effectively towards your goals.