Managing Larger Projects on a To Do List

For most to do lists, I try to keep each individual list item as small as possible. This makes it easy to work through a large number of tasks without getting overwhelmed, and provides the satisfaction of being able to check off a greater number of items quickly, which just makes me feel like I’m actually making progress. However, I also use lists to track larger on-going projects that may take weeks or even months to complete, and Vimsio lists also work well for these types of items due to a few unique features included with Vimsio.

Progress Meter for List Items

It can be pretty helpful to see how far along each project is in a nice, visual way. Vimsio allows you to assign each task with a “percent complete” value. Once added, a small progress meter gets added to the task directly on the list item which makes it easy to see with a quick glance, how far along each of your projects are.

Sub Tasks for List Items

One of the most helpful features in Vimsio is the ability to have nested list items. For large tasks, this makes it easy to break the overall project down into more sizable pieces. With Vimsio, you can also add time estimates to specific tasks to help make it even easier to plan projects and timelines.

Task Notes

Task notes are essential for keeping track of larger projects. After working on a project, I’ll be sure to add to the list item notes information and details that will make it easier for me to pick things up where I left off.

Task Item Background Colors

You can assign colors to todo list items, which can come in quite handy, especially for client projects. I personally like to keep a list of all client projects, with a color assigned to each on whether I can proceed with it (I’ll assign a green color), or if I’m waiting on something (red). This makes it pretty easy to see what clients I can actually move forward with.

Links to Full Collections

Sometimes projects justify their own collections within Vimsio. For instance, I may want to create additional lists, notes, or upload imagery related to a project-those things which Vimsio was really made for and excels at. For these large projects, I still may list them within a to do list of other large projects, but use the list item notes section to link directly to that project’s collection.

As an overly-ambitious person, Vimsio helps me keep track of my various projects and saves time and frustration when picking up a project that I haven’t worked on in a while.