To Do List Web Application

I have always actually enjoyed making to do lists — actually, I think I mainly just like checking things off a to do list, and that feeling of accomplishment you get when looking at a nicely completed list of finished tasks. However, it took a while to find the right to do list web application that actually worked how I wanted it to. Something that was flexible enough for my needs, yet still simple enough that it didn’t get in my way. I honestly never found it, so I ended up building my own; a project known as Vimsio.

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The needs I had for a to do list web application weren’t overly extravagant, just a few simple things that I wanted to incorporate.

To Do List Web Application

A To Do List Web Based Application

Mainly, I didn’t want another app living on my phone, I didn’t want to install another something on my computer. I just wanted it available everywhere.

As Many Lists as I Want

I wanted to create lists related to specific tasks, projects, my days, my weeks, my months, or however else I wanted to set things up. Over the years, I’ve found that I work best when I have to do lists for every project I’m working on, plus a todo list for the week or the day. My preferred method for my day-to-day needs is to have a to do list that encompasses a full week, but to have sub-sections for each day of the week. In short, I also needed the ability to nest list items.

Easy Keyboard Navigation

Most of the time when interacting with my lists, it makes the most sense to use a keyboard, and use it just like I would if it were in a text editing program. To add a new item, I just hit enter, I can remove items by hitting the backspace. I can indent/nest to do list items by hitting tab (or shift+tab to outdent the task).

Other Things

My to do list web application has evolved from it’s basic origins. Eventually I had the need to keep more detailed notes specific to each task, include time estimates, and even start keeping other types of contents grouped with my lists, like text notes and images. Vimsio will continue to evolve, especially as those who use it offer insight on how to make it better.

You can learn more about Vimsio, and give it a try at I’m always interested in user feedback, so if you give it a try, be sure to let me know your thoughts and suggestions for making it even better.