To Do List With Due Dates

I utilize lists in Vimsio in quite a few different ways, In addition to my daily to do list (which is actually part of a larger weekly to do list), I also tend to keep lists for various projects I’m working on, both for my clients and for personal projects. While the tasks on my daily and weekly todo lists try to be small tasks, the ones for larger client and personal projects can last weeks, or even months. Vimsio offers a number of ways to manage these ongoing tasks, including time estimation and progress graphs, but since many of these todo items, have specific due dates, it makes sense to include this information within my to do list as well. Perhaps more importantly, Vimsio makes it easy to be able to easily see a full list of tasks sorted by due date so I can ensure that things get done on time, and that I’m always aware of what needs to get done and by when.

To utilize due dates in Vimsio, open the list item details. From there, add a date in the “Date Due” box. Once a task has been given a due date, it, along with other tasks that have been given due dates will appear in the “Due Items” section on the panel that appears on the right margin of the Vimsio window.

The due date functionality, while incredibly helpful in it’s current form, may receive some additional attention down the road to make it even more useful. Additional features requested include email or in-app notifications for upcoming items, or even more robust planning functionality to utilize time estimation and due dates together to ensure there is actually enough time to complete projects on time.

Due dates can be an incredibly handy feature to help keep you on top of all of your tasks, and I highly recommend utilizing this feature for all of your important tasks that have specific timelines.