Fixed Position Div Isn’t Staying Fixed When Scrolling on Android

My nice fixed position toolbar wasn’t sticking as it should as I scrolled through on my mobile browser window. It would appear sticky at times, but as I scrolled, it would slide up or down. The solution is to add “minimum-scale=1” to the meta viewport tag, which for me, now looks like this: <meta name=”viewport” […]

Communicating Website Design to Developers

Every so often when working with developers or other designers, the topic of communicating website design to developers is brought up. Being both a designer and developer, I seem to have a unique view on how best to do so. Bloated Apps, Pixel Perfection, and Wasted Time Where we’ve gone recently as an industry is […]

My Zindrop Collections

Zindrop has been a little side project for a while. It’s basically a place to drop random thoughts, web bookmarks, and photos into one place, and organize it all by tags. I recently added the ability to make certain collections (posts grouped by tags) public, so anyone browsing could see those things. I like this […]

A Better Microblogging Site – Thoughts, Images, and Bookmarks

I have always wanted a place to collect things, whether they were random thoughts that popped into my head, or interesting websites and articles that I found online. I’ve also wanted a place to post things publicly, that didn’t quite fit with my blog — maybe they were just little incomplete thoughts, or outside one […]

Seeing All of My Todo Lists in One View

I usually have numerous projects going on, for both myself and my clients. Usually in Vimsio I create a folder for each client, and drop in a todo list, which works well, but each list is somewhat siloed from the various other lists. I recently added the ability to tag posts, so a todo list […]

Three Days in November

Three-and-a-half days of sleeping in our car, hiking and exploring by day, and relaxing or working on personal projects at night…

Flatten a WordPress Website to HTML and CSS

I recently inherited a whole bunch of wordpress websites for one of my clients — in fact I think one of the first times it dawned on me that I would have to start working with these sites is when one of them got hacked and I got the call to see what I could […]

Marion Mountain Trail

Two weeks seems to be my limit. If my feet haven’t moved me through a landscape, or if I haven’t ridden a bike through the hills, I begin to…

Night Runs

I’m constantly rearranging the schedule. It’s an effort to squeeze more time out of the day; a futile effort to extract an extra three or four hours that I seem to always need, but which of course is never actually there. Regardless, I try things. I stay up late, wake early, wake up in the […]

Being Adventurous as a Parent

To many I would imagine, especially to those who aren’t into the outdoors, we’ve done a lot. We’ve done numerous camping trips with our little one, small hikes, and some bike rides. We have even managed a few backpacking trips in the Sierras with our little one. However, with the exception of some of the […]