Ignore Things

The ability to not become stressed out probably depends on your ability to ignore things. I had a nice morning coding some designs that I’ve been working on for the past few weeks. I was able to focus on the task, methodically working through the project, and I made quite a bit of progress. Meanwhile, […]

Join Two Nodes That Sit On Top of Eachother in Inkscape

Joining two line segments in inkscape is generally pretty easy — at least if the two nodes to join are situated closely together so you can easily click on both and use the “join selected nodes” tool. But most of the time I want the nodes to sit right on top of eachother. How do […]

Designers Should Just Learn to Code

There is an ever-increasing number of web prototyping tools out there. From Adobe XD, to Invision, to Figma. And the number of apps within this niche seems to grow daily. Every posting for a potential project seems to list a need for knowing one, or a couple of these, so I, along with thousands of […]

My Weekly Review: April 6, 2018

It was a busy week of design and building cool things on the web. Stuff Designed Sun Genomics Athlete Page I started working on a design for the Sun Genomics Athlete page, a page aimed at athletes or those who prioritize fitness and staying in shape. I quite liked how my banner turned out — […]

Why Do Stock Photo Companies Suck?

I have a growing distaste for stock photo companies. I remember trying to cancel my monthly subscription with — which took two tries and a call to their support. When canceling, they have three different prompts to ask if you’re sure, and apparently on one of those three screens, I clicked that I wasn’t, […]

My Week – March 30, 2018

The last several weeks have been incredibly busy — this week I was able to slow down a little, breathe, and enjoy some of the typically beautiful weather that we have here in San Diego. It was also a good mix of designing and coding. I’ve found that I’m the happiest when bouncing between the […]

Vimsio Update: Todo Lists With Colored Backgrounds

I found myself writing in all caps at the beginning of my todo list items, signaling what I can go ahead and work on, what I’m waiting on, and things that I can’t really start yet. Little Notes like ‘ON HOLD’ or ‘GO’. It was working acceptably well, but it seemed like designating these things […]

Dripping Springs Loop

There were definitely times where I muttered to myself that I would never do this trail again. It wasn’t the elevation gain, but the lower reaches were quite crowded, and the top portion was extremely brushy, for a couple miles. Not only were you plowing through brush, in some places your were hunched over, nearly […]

Adding PDF Files to Shopify Pages

I’ve had to add pdf files to pages within the shopify platform several times now, and I always seem to forget how to do it. I generally don’t have a problem uploading them (if I’m going through the edit template area), but I can never figure out how to get the URL for the PDF […]

My Week – March 23, 2018

For some reason, I’ve decided to start keeping a weekly record of things worked on, insights gained, and interesting finds from the week. Here’s the first one! Design Work I have several great projects in progress currently and they’re pretty fun to work on. Here’s some design work from the past week. The first was […]